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Autres synonymes de sale

  • sapid
  • savoury
  • flavorful
  • tasty
  • flavoured
  • zesty
  • salty
  • spicy
  • craspect
  • de chien
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having a taste like salt; not sweet


  • The soup was too salty for my liking.
  • I prefer my snacks to be savoury rather than sweet.
  • He added a pinch of salt to enhance the savour of the dish.

Expressions courantes

  • un air salé
  • mettre du sel à quelque chose
  • ça ne vaut pas un sel
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From Old French salé, from Latin salātus, past participle of salō ‎(“salt”).


Salé is a commonly used word in the culinary field and everyday conversations.

Usages courants

The term "salé" is commonly used to describe food that has a savory and salty taste.


Anglais : Savoury

Espagnol : Salado

Italian : Salato

Allemand : Salzig

Portugais : Salgado

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En savoir plus sur Sale

  • Question : What is the opposite of "salé"?
  • Réponse : "Salé" is the opposite of "sweet" or "sugary".
  • Question : How is "salé" pronounced?
  • Réponse : "Salé" is pronounced as /ˈseɪli/.
  • Question : What are some synonyms for "salé"?
  • Réponse : Some synonyms for "salé" include "savoury", "sapid", "flavorful", and "zesty".
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